WELCOME To The Home Of The
     Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Revolution Arrives  

World's 1st Stereo  Bluetooth  Earphones for SKYPE,
     Cell Phones, TV's, iPODs, Laptops, DVD's &

We WILL Have The First 18 Pairs Of The AudioRazr Here At The   
Air Show Booth On Display & Available To Hold, See & Listen To  
And We Will Have The Magic Adapter That Will Connect With Any
Cell Phone, Computer, Portable Music Player You Bring With You !

Bluetooth AudioRAZR Finally Here!
18th, 19th & 20th May  Andrews AFB @ I-95 Wash D. C.
Free 2000 Blue Angel & SnowBirds Air Show

& McGuire AFB NJ June 4th / 5th @ I-95 near NYC
Free USN Blue Angels & Army Golden Knights Show

airshow4.jpg (104753 bytes)
Look closely & you can see me in HANGER #3 Waving at the camera
Both Air Shows have
Free:   Parking, Admittance & Program

For All The Latest Info Please Check

This AudioRAZR plays ALL your audio:  Computers, Laptops, DVD, PSP & since 2006 iPods...

Got Game? Running, Tennis, Golfing, Horse Riding, Biking; You name it - IT WILL WORK !  

He's On His Cell Phone To His Buddies and She's Listening To Her iPod!   So You Say...  "Where's His Phone?"  It's out of sight in his pocket! Her iPOD? It's Back At The Car... 

Now With The Bluetooth AudioRAZR...
No One Can Tell IF You Are Using a very valuable
Motorola RAZR cell phone
or Just Listening To Your Valuable 60GB iPOD

  These Wireless Wonders will amaze you with the sound clarity as you
can almost taste the Gamming Action, hear unbelievable music and
finally get a cell phone call that is CRYSTAL !

   Whether you're on a Harley doing 70 & chatting with fellow bikers,    
   watching Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds or even Star Wars the     
  DVD action will come alive in full dimensional stereophonic sound.

  You say you want XM-Sirus Satellite radio...        No Problem-oh.
You say you wanna listen in private to your HD TV or any TV,
again No Problem-oh.
   You say you wanna have finally NO wires for your iPOD, iRiver,
still No Problem-oh.
  Like to watch that DVD player or that Laptop and NO MORE
Stinking wires and chincy sounds from some ear BUDS?
No Problem-oh

   Well folks they are Going fast & I do mean fast as just   
about every shipment is spoken for and to get on this  
 A-List somewhere just come and ask me... 

Please Note that you will WANT an internal Bluetooth Cell Phone as
   opposed to an Add on Adapter. Easier, simpler & almost every Telco   
     has a Free or near Free Internal Bluetooth equipped Cell Phone. Look...

ask meister:
Uh, Two Bluetooth Cell Phones Free
 200,000+ Minutes for $59 a month

 OK... This Bluetooth Phone
is a FREE Sony T610 Cam
    $59 monthly charge. 700 minutes to share. Includes all    
   monthly plan charges for the Two Cell Phones.  Gets    
   better... the phone can be the Sony above with a cam    
      GPRS and wireless Internet!   Has Bluetooth, vibrating    
  silent phone alerts that no one hears but you, includes  
6 way conference calling, call forwarding, call
   messaging & the entire USA is a local call, no roaming.
  Voice Dialing, Voice answering and voice commands.
  You can have as much as 220,000 minutes per month.
   You will have Unlimited weekends, nights and mobile
FROM any USA location TO any USA location.

To Read More About This Plan just click HERE

NOW... About that RAZR offer !

T-Mobile Moto Black

is that Link for FREE Moto V3 Black RAZR
or the $59 monthly plan with 2 FREE RAZR's


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